Jeremy & Team to Sponsor Agile Arizona 2020

We are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Agile Arizona 2020 this year in November. We will be doing a mini-talk and we are excited about this year's training opportunities, workshops, and speakers.

The event is taking place over November 3rd through the 13th. There are a ton of high-quality speakers, workshops, and certification courses. A couple of Jeremy's favorite Agilists will be at the event and the keynote speakers are going to be wonderful.

To learn more about Agile Arizona 2020, visit

The event will be done virtually and remotely. So all attendees get to enjoy the conference from their own home and can enjoy the conference over several days, depending on attendees being involved in training, workshops, or just the general conference.

November 3rd through November 6th will be focused on certifications, with November 10th and 11th being focused at workshops, and then the general conference for speakers and attendees is November 12th and 13th.

We sponsored the event specifically so we could promote our Fractional CTO, Strategic Planning Training, Agile Training, and ongoing Agility Coaching. Jeremy is teaming up with some great talent to offer more comprehensive Agile training services in addition to the fractional CTO and Agile coaching we already do.

You will be able to see our placement with this logo:

Remember, for less than $3,000 a month, you can have a qualified leader and champion in your organization on an ongoing monthly basis to help you be more strategic, improve your agility, have better project outcomes, and be more successful in your business overall.

We will have a virtual booth, so it would be amazing to have you stop by so we can catch up and talk about your business and goals.