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Updated: Mar 8

This is primarily for my family. But I added some detail for context in case someone stumbles upon this post that knows me professionally.

What do you do when your family keeps asking what you want for a gift instead of figuring it out? Me, I write a personal post so they can get my sizes, likes, and etc. Kind of narcissistic if you didn’t know any better right? But really, I am just an open kind of guy, so if you're interested in reading more about me, here ya go.


This post is mostly for my family, so they can stop asking me what I want for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So I thought I would take a moment and share my clothing sizes, interests, and hobbies. Especially since I lost more than 60 lbs (27 kg)! I am actually a person that is very easy to shop for, once you get to know where I shop, my size, and my likes or dislikes. And you don't even have to spend a lot of money either.

If you're doing undies this year, pssst.. this year, buy Mack Weldon.

The biggest thing I enjoy about a gift is not the gift itself. It's the thought that went into the gift and the fact that the person thinks so highly of me, that they had to get me something special. Even though I have nice things, I don't think of myself as a materialistic person. That is, I appreciate the person and the feeling and sentiment behind something, much more so than the actual material item. But it does help if I can actually use the gift and that it fits, etc. And whenever I use the gift, it makes me think of the person that gave it to me. I enjoy and appreciate personal relationships and I appreciate everyone as the special and unique person they are. As a recent development in my life, since 2014, the most important thing to me in life is how much of a positive impact I can have on other people's lives. So these days, I invest a considerable amount into making sure other people get as much value from interacting with me as possible.

The reality is, if someone goes out of their way to get me something, that means the world to me. One year, for my anniversary, my wife bought me a knife that had a special engraving. The knife wasn't expensive or a high-end brand. But it meant the world to me and it was one of the best gifts I have gotten from her because of the thought she put behind it and the gift matched my interests because she knows me. Those are my favorite kinds of gifts.

Here is an introduction to my interests as well as a full break down of my sizes, which will hopefully help you to narrow down something:

I am married and I have one daughter. My wife's name is Mary and my daughter's name is Zoe. Zoe is 10 as of 2020. Wow, what a year. Anyway, I live in a four generational household. Back in 2018, my wife and I decided to take care of my grandmother-in-law and mother-in-law. Grandma is 90 as of 2020 and my mother-in-law is disabled. I promised grandma to take care of her daughter, my mother-in-law. We bought a big house and the five of us live together as one big happy family.

I love things labeled as "EDC (Every day carry)", Watches, I am a gun enthusiast, and I like to dress nice. I enjoy dressing well (although that's more of a new thing for me since I lost more than 60 lbs, or 27 kg). I also have a professional music studio in my house and over the years I have published more than 20 songs on television and film. These days, I mostly make music for fun as a hobby. I am more of a producer than a musician though.

I don't drink alcohol that much anymore, but I used to love a great bourbon. If you really love alcohol and want to share your interest with me, I would definitely share a small glass of good bourbon with you. The best gifts are ones that you can enjoy with the person that gave you the gift! I don't smoke cigars anymore though, unfortunately. They are just too bad for you, even in moderation.

I would probably enjoy just about anything from (except their discount brand watches).

Anything from my Amazon wish list which changes frequently: -- and for that matter, maybe something similar that can inspire ideas based on what you see in my changing wishlist. I keep a lot of random things in my wishlist that I may or may not ever buy lol.

Anything you can think of in reference to

Watches. I am a huge watch collector (anything in 316L stainless steel, titanium, or 18k gold). If you consider buying a watch, do not buy from anywhere except authorized dealers listed on the manufacturer web site or buy directly from the brand's actual web site. There are a lot of fakes and reproductions out there, especially on web sites like eBay. Sometimes it’s very difficult to spot a reproduction unless you really know what you are doing. You can also find good pre-owned options on, but you need to be sure of authenticity. I tend to only buy watches that are called "Automatic." That is, they are self-winding and do not need a battery. I do own a bunch of quartz watches, but I don't buy them that much anymore, only automatics. Keep in mind, anything that ends up on a discount online retail shop is probably not a watch I would enjoy. These days I usually only enjoy watches that are commonly found at dealers or the brand's web site itself. I have plenty of cheap watches, so my focus nowadays is higher-end pieces.

Most watches over $500 USD MSRP are 316L stainless steel or titanium. Most watches under $500 MSRP usually aren't that great quality of a watch and a lot of times I cannot wear it anyway because it's not high-quality enough with its materials and it triggers my skin allergy with cheaper metal alloys.

But just because it's over $500 MSRP doesn't mean that is how much you have to pay retail. Remember, that's just the manufacturer suggested retail price.

I have acquired most of my watches below MSRP due to sales, negotiation, and second-hand. My watch collection is worth about 2x the value I purchased them for. Not that every watch has appreciated, but I have several pieces which are still selling for double or triple the price I paid for them. And they are definitely 100% authentic, luckily.

Buying a good watch can be hard for someone that doesn't know much about it, and it's very easy to get ripped off if you try and score a deal from a place like eBay. Most often, it will be a fake or not that great of a watch. If you're not sure, you can always ask Reddit on the /r/watches subreddit. Never feel pressured to buy though. Also, if the deal is too good to be true, its probably not true. That's a sign something is wrong.

I like industrial design in watches. My favorite watchmaker is SevenFriday and I own 17 of their pieces. It’s my go-to brand for when I dress down. SevenFriday watches are usually over $1k. I mostly have casual watches and only two that I would consider a dress watch. I could definitely use more of a dress watch, or higher end for dressing up. But I prefer watches that are a minimum of 40mm because I don’t like small watches on my big wrist (7.25”). I like larger case sizes in watches. However, I actually cannot wear a Rolex because of its stainless steel, which is rated at 904L. Even though its high quality and has more corrosion resistance, it contains too much nickel for my skin allergy. And I love a watch with a story. Hey, you could even make me a completely unique one of a kind watch at -- just make sure it has an automatic movement. No quartz.

Or even watch accessories like at… are cool.

As of writing this, I own 36 watches And I typically wear a different watch every day.

There is a watchmaker called LIV, and I have been eyeing their pieces. It might be the next micro-brand I explore. I also just stumbled on a brand new micro brand called Wilbur and another call Overdrive Watches which are pretty cool (D1 Versions). Wilbur has two watches right now but they are outstanding as a new brand and Overdrive has some pieces that are super cool in the D1 model.

I also like men's beauty products and kits for shaving, grooming, washing, drying, etc. I like various travel accessories for bringing my watches on the road, my computer equipment, organizing cables, carrying my nice clothes without getting wrinkles, etc. In my backpack, I don't carry anything loose. I have bags inside of bags so everything is nice and tidy. A place for everything. I could use a very nice Leather Briefcase. My favorite leather company Capra Leather has some nice stuff at Etsy and I have them on my favorites. I have been eyeing this bag.

I have a lot of Apple products. I listen to Satellite radio, own two Mercedes Benz vehicles (S550 and ML350). I don't read books, but instead, listen to them on Audible because I can learn while doing other things. I enjoy books that allow me to continuously improve, both as a person and professionally, so I wouldn’t be offended if you got me a book on improving something about myself.

I don't prefer gift cards, but if you want to do a gift card, the best gift card I could get would be from I buy a lot of stuff from them because it's an exact fit for me and they custom-make everything based on my exact measurements. I am registered under

For clothes, I wear a large shirt, usually slim fit, and my pants are 34 W, 32 L and I prefer a straight fit. No taper. So, the shirts are slim fit and the pants are straight fit. I don’t like shirts that have pockets usually, but if it looks great, I can tolerate a shirt pocket here and there. Unfortunately, I cringe at any pants that taper in the leg. So I wouldn't wear any tapered pant legs. And for slacks, I prefer no pleats. Also, I hate wearing clothes with logos and print on them. I don’t like to advertise brands or messages on my clothing typically unless it’s incredibly tasteful and not very noticeable. Pastels look very good on me, as well as blues and many other colors. I would say the color I wear the least is red, as I have a hard time finding things in red that I like. I even rock a nice salmon or variations of pink.

For a button-up shirt or jacket, I usually only buy tailor-made button-up shirts and jackets. However, I can always get items fixed at the tailor. But if you worry about getting me something that fits and you are not good at clothes shopping, drop me a gift card at the proper cloth and I will get something exact and I can send you a picture of what you got me. I included a photo at the bottom of this post with my exact size for getting something sized specifically.

If you have a choice between regular fit and slim fit in the shirt or jacket, I always think slim fits best. Except in pants, which I am not comfortable in slim pants. Only straight or relaxed pants. In case you really want to get me a dress jacket, sport coat, or something like that, I fit best in a 42 regular. It should be slim cut as well, and actually the slim versions look pretty good on me. Stay away from 42 long. If you are looking at coats, I think the equivalent to a 42 regular jacket would be large, but I could be wrong about that. While my jackets are 42 regular, my coats are typically large. But if you tell the retailer I normally fit well into a 42 regular jacket, they should be able to figure out the appropriate coat size. Most regular coats fit in the large size.

For shoes, I wear a size 12 comfortably in all shoes. I have never had a shoe not fit me at size 12-US (46 EU). I love buying Oxfords from Zappos, but I really love a nice brown or black oxford with leather and a non-rubber sole. Don't try buying me tennis shoes as I will almost always not like them. I even like casual oxfords though and I wear casual oxfords with different outfits. I also wear derby style shoes and other dress casual shoes. Currently, I am on the hunt for a very nice formal shoe in black that is very nice and suitable for a black-tie event. I change my shoes like I change my clothes, so I have quite a few shoes.

I have come across a clothing and shoe company called Taft that I think is interesting. I haven't bought any of their products yet, but they have an interesting style and bold design. Something to also consider.

I also think buying a gift is also more interesting if the gift also reflects the interests of the person giving the gift too. Especially if those interests are shared between each of us.

If you are more into experiences over the material things, then I also appreciate gifts that I can use with my family. My family is the most important thing in my life and my entire reason for existence is to support my family and invest everything I have into those relationships. Such as excursions to get out of the heat with my wife Mary and my daughter Zoe. Anything that is not dangerous would be great. Also, if you just want to invite my family and me to dinner, that would be fantastic too. It would give us a reason to get dressed up and hit the town and get to know you better. Try and give me some lead time though so I can buy my daughter a new dress. She grows like a string bean so often she doesn't have something that fits at that very moment for formal wear.

And with all this that I put in the post, it should give you an idea of the types of things I might enjoy. I am really easy to shop for and really easy to gift for.

But no matter what you get me, even if you spend $50 on, I will still appreciate the thought behind the gift and I deeply appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to think of me. If you go out of your way to think of me and get me something, that's the most important thing out of everything. And if you put some thought into it, that's even more special.

Also, I appreciate one single gift that has thought put into it over several gifts that little to no thought was put into. I would rather have you save your money. I place value not on the price or number of items, but the thought and person behind the gift and what they thought I would enjoy. So for Christmas or my birthday, it is always quality over quantity.

Also, if you see something that you would love to get as a gift, but it's outside your price range, feel free to team up with other family members and give one single gift from all of you to me. I don't need or want a lot of gifts from a lot of people, so feel free to combine your efforts.

And if you're not sure about something, just ask Mary. She knows me best out of everyone in my life.

Attached is my long sleeve shirt specification size in case you want to custom order. Oh, and french cuffs or a convertible barrel cuff is great on a long sleeve shirt! You will usually have to specify that manually in the order. That style cuff will allow me to wear cuff links. I love wearing cuff links. Make sure you make the shirt with a watch allotment as defined below.

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