A Starship Prototype goes BOOM!

One of my core principles is "Early, and Often." Essentially, this means that I want to get feedback from the application of whatever I am creating to solve a problem as soon as possible and as often as possible, so I can learn, pivot and move... and do this over and over again.

A great modern example of this is SpaceX and the design of their "Starship."

SpaceX, on February 26th, tested its second full-scale Starship. It blew up with an amazing display. Watch the video.

SpaceX invested only four weeks and as minimal capital as possible to do this test. Four weeks for a space ship! This is an excellent example of innovation and the embracing of the principle "Early, and Often." I love seeing examples of this. To the public, it's an amazing disaster to watch. But for SpaceX, its an amazing learning opportunity and allows them to learn, pivot and move. And they are demonstrating incredible innovation strategies in the course of performing it.

Learn. Pivot. Move. Repeat.

What do you do to embrace the principle "Early, and Often" in your business?

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