Jeremy & TEAM


Passionate About Creating Success

Jeremy and his team are responsible for creating successful technology platforms and world-class teams to solve a variety of business problems across industries. They are experts in enterprise-scale architectures, and exceptional at forming strong, agile teams to accomplish business goals iteratively. We are also skilled at migrating off legacy platforms and onto modern systems with minimal risk.

Jeremy and his partners offer Fractional CTO, Strategic Planning Training, Agile Training, Business Coaching, and Technical & Project Leadership. Partner to be your CTO, virtual, or on-prem and improve your business agility today.

Jeremy Wilson has served as the Chief Technology Officer of Chassi product since founded in 2016. Jeremy has created or overseen the development of several enterprise SaaS and content delivery platforms in the past.

Jeremy was a ground floor employee at the successful SaaS company WebPT, Inc in Phoenix, Arizona, for seven years. He was the Director of Software Development, leading a mix of 60+ full-time on-site and remote software developers, quality assurance, and devops personnel in Agile Scrum Teams.

Before WebPT, Jeremy managed technology departments in the gaming and music industries, creating popular communities and content distribution platforms. Jeremy created the popular gaming portal, isoGames, with more than 100 first-person shooter and massively multiplayer online game servers at its peak with an integrated community micro-transaction platform that generated massive sales in monthly subscriptions and virtual item purchases.

Jeremy treats technology as a means to an end. That is, technology helps us to accomplish business goals and make life better for people and businesses. The technology effort must be sized and matched to the business outcome we are seeking, for, without that specific business outcome, the technology doesn't matter. But the business outcome cannot be considered on its own without the consideration of the right measure of technology, and an assessment of future investment needed to remain agile in the business and maintain a competitive edge.